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What is Kynoselen?

anabolic agent(nonsteroid) dosage and side effects

It is an veterinary drug, injectable, a mixture of adenosine monophosphate, magnesium aspartate, potassium aspartate and vitamin B 12, a renerating ''tonic'' to protect muscle mass after trauma, injury or other side effects of ''hard training''. Also ,it is used like an anti catabolic , to sustain recovery, or to eliminate the deficiency of vitamin B12. Bodybuilders are using Kynoselen for the anabolic and lipolytic  capabilityes, because the principal ingredient ,heptaminol , increase the strenght in muscle contraction and diminuates fatigue. Also, it helps skeletal muscle growth by increasing the differentiation between satelitte cells in muscle tissue. Noradrenalin is also increased in blood by heptaminol,and noradrenaline is a neurotransmitter hormone, who regulates lipolysis in human body. This drug  remains an attractive alternative to steroids for many sportsmans.

The dosage of Kynoselen

The usual dossage is 1 ml for each 30 pounds of your weight, a 180 lbs bodybuilder can use about 6 ml /week, injections with 2 ml/day. The best way is to use the entire recipient once it's opened, because after the seal is broken many contaminants will enter inside the bootle, and you cannot keep it very well being a waterbase drug.Do not leave a half used Kynosdelen recipient for a later injection!

Side effects of Kynoselen:

Kynoselen it is a noradrenalin stimulant, so you can expect to feel rapid heartbeats, jitters, insomnia, sweating, especially when the dosage is higher than 2 ml/day. Also , you have to start with a lower level , maybe a 0.5ml /day, after that the dose slowly increase to obtain the peak level of 2 ml/day after 3 or 4 weeks of usage.

And a very important thing: Kynoselen is a VETERINARY drug , and it's never been produced for human use, so it's your choice if you want to use it or not. Better not.


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